Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Magic Continues - Epcot

Another LONG day at the parks...this time Epcot. We had to go by and get Kayla this morning (and every morning) since she has to go to the parks with us to get our tickets. The tickets are free, but per Disney's request, she can only get one day at a time AND she has to be there each time we get them. A big inconvenience BUT you can't argue with free at Disney!!

We did the usual "big" rides in the morning/early afternoon time. Soarin' is definitely the BEST ride at Epcot. If you ever get a chance to ride it, don't miss it - it's well worth the wait in line!

We spent the latter part of the afternoon touring the different countries in the World Showcase. Every time I'm here it stirs my appetite for a return trip to Europe!! John are you in?? I love stopping at the various countries - from the shops to the entertainment, you certainly get a "taste" of the world (albeit a VERY small taste!).

It's also the Flower and Garden Show here at Epcot and as you can see by this picture:

I'm in for a lot of trouble for the next decade - what a ham!! I love all the sculptures of the characters. They've spent a lot of time crafting these plants and the flower gardens are spectacular!!

We also had opportunity to see the Chinese Acrobats again. Take a look at this pic:

These guys are simply amazing!! There were so many different types of acts, and each one more impressive than the one before. Another "don't miss" show!!

We closed out the evening with the fireworks show at Epcot and then headed back to the condo where I am researching ideas for a "mate date" tomorrow night. We're going to take our good friends from Illinois with us, so I guess we'll call it a "double mate date!" I can't wait to get out for awhile minus the kids (Kayla is going to sit with them) and relax in some good conversation, dream a little bit, and of course, inhale some fabulous desserts!!

Tomorrow we're off to MGM Studios - more pics and stories to come!!

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John said...

I, too, am salivating overtime to return to Europe!!!!! However, I am wanting to see eastern Europe or more of France and all of Spain. Hmmmmm.....what do you think???