Monday, May 28, 2007

Walt Disney World - Round One

After 18 hours in the car, with stops for dinner,gas, bathroom breaks (yes, the bathroom!) and of course, the all-important "IHOP" stop, we arrived in Orlando at 8am today. It's great to be here, but I am totally wiped out!!

This is the first time we have stayed "off site" from Disney. So far things have been great. We're hanging at a condo with some friends from Illinois and today was really a relaxing day. Instead of hitting the parks, we took time to take a breath, caught up with our oldest daughter who is living here in Orlando, met some of her friends and then kicked back for a good ole' Memorial Day BBQ. The weather is PHENOMENAL and the pool felt great. What a day to unwind!!

My youngest daughter had a blast tormenting the ducks. Check out this pic!

We're going to hit it hot and heavy in the morning. Lots to do and see. Get ready for Disney World 2007 - Round One. More updates tomorrow!!

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alicialeneehill86 said...

AHHH!!! there's my LOLA!! i miss her...and you guys too. this pic of emilee is awesome!! it sounds like you guys are having a blast. i am glad to hear about your trip and see all of the awesome pictures. keep 'em coming. see ya soon!

send my love to the fam,

alic-a lee-nee