Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Travel Bug

I've always loved traveling. I didn't have the opportunity to explore the world when I was younger, but as I grow older the "travel bug" is getting restless. John, a good friend of mine, has been to Europe more times than anyone I know. His "travel bug" has been unleashed since he was a kid and it hasn't gone away yet. Once you've caught the bug, does it every go away?

I've visited 36 of the 50 states (I hope to finish the tour before long!) and had the incredible opportunity to travel Europe for three weeks. (Sidebar: my favorite city? Florence!) There is so much of the world yet to be explored. This guy just returned from his own trip to Europe. I love his "theology" of travel and it really resonates with me. I love these thoughts:
Exploration is a godly instinct. It is a form of curiosity which is part of the Imago Dei. One way we glorify God is by exploring what He's made and praising Him in the process.

Just like an artist who wants others to enjoy his art; just like a composer who wants others to enjoy his music; God wants us to enjoy His creation. He wants us to explore it, to study it, to name it, to protect it, and to admire its beauty. Exploration honors God.
I don't know what the future holds, but I can't wait to prepare for it. I also can't wait to share this part of my soul with my kids. I want them to know that God has created an incredible playground for them to explore. So many places, people, cultures...the list goes on and on. We'd be incredibly selfish to think we "are the world" when there is so much more to explore.

I'll close with one final thought from this post:
I honestly think that travel will be one dimension of heaven. We will explore the earthly wonders we never got to see. I can't imagine that God would not want us to see absolutely everything He's created. That would be wasted creativity.

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Mel said...

I'll pack my suitcase, just say the word. Love you!!