Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Mother Like No Other

Tony Morgan recently wrote about 16 reasons why he'd do it all over again (in reference to the sixteen years he's been married to his wife). I thought I would top him and talk about 38 reasons why I'd do it all over again, but I didn't want to mention my wife's age on my blog, so I'm going with 10 things I love about my wife this Mother's Day:
  1. Those big brown eyes
  2. How you care for people - especially those older than you (what happens when they're no longer older than you?)
  3. Your passion for life
  4. Standing up for the "little guy"
  5. The way you challenge me to be better
  6. You're in love with Mickey Mouse
  7. Your new blog (if you haven't checked out, do so today - she's got some great thoughts!)
  8. You always try to do the "right thing" - even if it's uncomfortable
  9. You like John Coltrane and the Denver Broncos
  10. You continue to put up with me!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

1 comment:

Duke said...

Man, you crack me up. Number 10 must be a challenge for her. :-)