Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are We Asking The Right Questions?

We read an article in staff meeting this week that identified vision as one of the key factors for an incredible volunteer base. One question we need to ask our core of volunteers is why they do what they do. How would they respond? Out of guilt? Or obligation? Or would they respond by saying they do what they do because they are on mission with the church - to reach people who don't have a relationship with Jesus?

Here's another interesting application. Read this from Brand Autopsy:

The Wall Street Journal reports
the Big Four accounting firms are using "Employee Generated Media" to help gain an edge in the ever-competitive campus recruiting scene. Josee Rose writes:
"To lure candidates steeped in Facebook and YouTube, the Big Four are turning to the Web. Deloitte & Touche asked employees to make short videos about their experiences at the company. The videos were a way 'of taking the aspects of social networking and experimenting on how you can use the new tools of today to move forward into a workplace of the future,' said Cathy Benko, chief talent officer. About 400 videos were made, and the 14 best will be posted on YouTube and used on campuses.[source]
What would it look like if we asked our volunteers to make a video of why they do what they do? What would they say? Or how about a more extreme example - what if every first time guest that walked through our doors made a video about their experience and posted it on YouTube? Would that change how we "do" church? Are we afraid of what they would say?

What other questions should we be asking ourselves?

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Jo said...

I do what I do at M.H. because it is the place that I have finally found a life changing relationship. I just want others to find what I have found and by volunteering I might just be the right person to help them find it.