Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Have Difficulty (Part 3)

I have difficulty staying organized. It's not the organizational part that I actually struggle with, but the amount of "stuff" that hangs around all the time. For some reason I am more organized at the office than I am at home, although some would call this a stretch! The home front plays victim to "piles" of stuff that never gets sorted, or as my wife likes to make reference - the "pack rat" in me.

I have read this book which gave me some great ideas on becoming more effective through organization. The trouble is that I don't have enough margin to implement the strategies! I have started reading this book - we'll see what insights come from this one.

My wife has started the "declutter" movement which is now becoming very popular. Many sites like this one and this one have some great thoughts and strategies. I think the most difficult part of getting organized is just getting started. Overcoming the mindset of the seemingly enormous task that lies ahead. Breaking the task into smaller, more manageable pieces seems to help as well, and gives everyone a shot in the arm when those little projects are completed.

Do you struggle with organization? What strategies have you found for overcoming this?


John said...

Could it possibly be that you have tooooo much on your plate all the time, not to mention your desk?

Mel said...