Thursday, September 13, 2007

Significantly Challenged

ChurchRelevance points us to this article by the Barna Research Group. The Barna group asked parents to identify the most significant or challenging issues facing teens today. Here are some of the statistics from their research:

For Teenagers

  • 42% listed peer pressure
  • 16% performance in school
  • 16% substance abuse
  • 15% behavioral issues
  • 6% values development
  • 5% college choices and acceptance
  • 5% attitude
  • 5% media use
  • 3% listed challenges related to their teen’s faith

For Young Children

  • 26% listed school performance
  • 24% listed peer pressure
  • 10% behavioral issues
  • 6% attitudes
  • 6% media use
  • 5% family-related struggles
  • 5% health-related struggles
  • 5% issues related to maturation
  • 3% listed challenges related to their child’s faith

Whether you agree with the validity of these statistics or not, it's important for us to recognize that our kids face some incredible challenges today. What's funny is that I would highly doubt this list (with the exception of the media portion) is much different than 50 years ago.

I wonder what it would look like if we listed the top challenges we face as adults? How would that change the way we relate to one another? What challenges are you facing?

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