Monday, September 17, 2007

Guest Blogger: Jeremy Leach

Let me just say that it is truly an honor to be a guest blogger on Bucketology this week considering I've never blogged anywhere ever. My name is Jeremy Leach and I'm a pharmacist in my hometown of Fredericktown, but also serve on staff part-time at Meadow Heights Church (Fredericktown). There I take on several responsibilities in the arts department; I'm currently heading up our LiVE Team (essentially our music team comprised of about 40 volunteers), and I also take care of music selection, scripting, auditions, and some video editing as well. I also am a member of the music team where I sing and play piano. Music is something I enjoy very much and if I'm not playing it I'm probably listening to it.

I want to give you guys some info on artists that, in my opinion, have been an oversight in the music industry; each of these albums has had a significant impact on me either musically or spiritually in the last few years, but you may not have heard much of their material on your local least not any of our local in Fredericktown.

Kara Williamson
I'm not sure where this girl came from, or where she went, but I managed to come across her cd a few years ago. Someone told me she originated in the Passion albums, then released her own cd thereafter, but I've searched the web for her and even looked to possibly book her for an event last year and got nowhere. Her CD 'Undisguised' has been in my cd player heavily over the past 2 years. Her voice is great and her songs have been used to encourage me on many occasions. There are many vertical worship tunes that would work great in a music set, "O Wounded King" and "More Than Enough". My favorite song on the album is "Dear Performer". For anyone who's ever been driven by fear into 'performing' through your life everyday instead of being real with yourself and with God, listen to this song!!

There's a good chance you did hear this group on the radio, but not enough!! Get their cds! There are 2 of them which I purchased not even 2 months ago and I'm hooked. I even added one song of theirs I did hear on the radio, "Filled With Your Glory", to our music set this past weekend and it was very well received! The songwriting on their discs is incredible and the lead vocalist is great. Be sure and listen to a few of my favorites: "Son of God", "Love Break Me" and "Over My Head".

Charity Von
I love unique voices. This chick has one! She is a rocker all the way, but she rocks it kind of old-school. I think of Melissa Etheridge when I play her songs. Her CD was released in 2004, and I still love listening to it! I don't think she's put anything fresh out, but if anyone hears differently let me know. You can tell just in her voice on the recording that she is into the music 110%!! There are also some amazing guitar solos on this album, if you're into that...I usually skip them. The slow, worshipful "In Your Presence" is my favorite, but give a listen to the more energetic "The Narrow" and "Message" and get ready to rock your face off!!

Jimmy Needham
Kind of a one-hit-wonder this past year, his single "Lost at Sea" did make it to radio, but I haven't heard much from this artist since. He's due for a new disc, but the first one has become one of my favorites! He has a great bluesy, acoustic style. If you like the stripped-down, simple, raw sound of an artist, this guy brings it! I would love to see him in concert! My favorite tune on the cd is "For Freedom". I find myself singing this all the time! Also listen to "You Make Me Sing" and "Dearly Loved". A college kid who sings, plays and writes all his material at this quality deserves a listen!!

Anthony Evans
I've never heard a single song of his on the radio. I didn't rank these based on the 'most over-looked', but if I did-this guy takes the cake!! His 2nd album release "Letting Go" has been the most influential album I've ever owned. I can't tell you what timing God had in my very purchase of the album a year and a half ago. There are songs on this album that brought me through the most trying point in my spiritual life, and it was a surprise because I think his first album sucked. Now, I'm a sucker for pop. Lot's of complicated vocal runs I could only dream of mastering and a male vocalist with a range out of this world are showcased on each tune. If any of you share common interests get this album. You will love it!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks to Michael for inviting me to do something I've never done before, it was fun. Also, please respond to this post. I want to hear all about YOUR favorite unknowns too!!

Thanks again!



Lemon Princess said...

Hey Jeremy! Awesome post...can we be looking for a blog from you now?? :) I am looking forward to checking these CD's out! Thanks for being such a blessing in our lives! You rock brother!

Sarah S. said...

good music choices Jeremy, i'm a fan of both Jimmy Needham and Starfield and i agree that they are both pretty underrated on the Christian music scene. i've got the Jimmy Needham disc but it looks like i should pick up the Starfield one as well. another artist i love that doesn't get much pub is Downhere, they've got two great lead singers -- one who sounds a little like Freddy Mercury from Queen. check 'em out!

Mel said...

I don't know one of these people, but I still think you're awesome! I enjoyed your guest spot on the blog.

Michael Goldsmith said...

Great suggestions Jeremy! Thanks for being a guest blogger this week! Now it's time to get your own! :)