Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amazon Gets It...Finally!

Tech Crunch points us to Amazon's new music service - amazonmp3. Songs are delivered in mp3 format (which means they'll play on just about any type of player!) and are DRM free. Tracks start at 89 cents apiece, which is far cheaper than rival Apple's iTunes.

Amazon is well known for their great prices, ease of use and stocking pretty much any book or other necessity. It's no surprise that they have jumped into the music download business as well. It's taken them awhile, but they seem to have gotten it right, waiting until the DRM dust has settled and signing most major record labels to contracts.

Will this cut into other popular download sites such as iTunes? Only time (and tunes) will tell!

UPDATE: By the way - you can purchase this newly released album for only $8.99!!

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