Thursday, September 20, 2007


This post hit home this morning. My wife and I had some great conversation yesterday, and I know she'll shout a big AMEN to the post I just mentioned. I was having the same conversation with someone else just the other day - about how we don't live life on the front porch any longer. Technology, with all its positives, has turned our communities into "shellters" [pun intended!] instead of porches.

As Melissa and I continue working on the "clutter" and simplifying our life, here's a sample from the blog post that might help you as well:

S - Slow down
I - Imagine doing less
M - Make time for loved ones
P - Practice patience
L - Learn to gently say no
I - Increase your quiet time
F - Follow your heart
Y - Yield to life, yield to peace, yield to joy

Where do you need to "simplify" your life?


Lemon Princess said...

Awesome posts Goldie! Thanks for the inspiration!! They all really touched my heart! You go bro!

Jo said...

What an awesome post..i was almost to busy to read
It is amazing how beautiful life is when we just slow down ad enjoy it.