Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guest Blogger: Jason McMurry (the Mac Daddy)

Top 5 Most Inspiring Sports Movies

I love movies with heart, purpose, and that share a story of making a difference - you add a sport to it and what a powerful package! To nail it to a “Top 5,” that’s tough, because I have 36 movies on my blog ( that have inspired me. But the “Top 5” in my opinion are the following:

5. Glory Road

I love how the coach in this movie thought outside the box, looked past the color of a man’s skin and looked at the heart and raw talent of an athlete as he recruited a history breaking basketball team in the NCAA. This movie is about the importance of “Team” and breaking racial divides.

4. Remember the Titans

A great movie about breaking racial divides brings two races together against their will, through a lot of adversity from within the team and from the community; the team eventually becomes a tight family unit (a Team) that experiences some success with the game of football. This team was able to re-educate and model for their town how different races can come together and appreciate each others difference and become a Team. Not just in the game of football but in the game of life.

3. Miracle

This movie reminds me of the movie “Hoosiers,” but instead it is about hockey not basketball. I love the methods and ideas this coach uses to break down his team, and how he was able to build them back up into an Olympic Gold Team for the USA. This coach stuck with his beliefs even when no one else believed in him, but in the end everyone loved him.

4. Hoosiers

Redemption for a coach who had some regrets from the past and gets an opportunity for a fresh start. I admire his methods and ideas in developing “Team Unity” in the game of basketball. In the beginning he was hated - in the end he was well loved by his team and community.

5. Rocky

This movie is my all time favorite about overcoming all the odds that may be against you. This movie displays a lot of heart, determination, and the will to win. I love the focus and raw authenticity of Rocky. This movie inspires us all to not give up on our God-given dreams, but to pursue it with a vengeance. My favorite Rocky quote from the new movie, "It ain't about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." And you can’t leave out the analogy of “The Eye of the Tiger,” which is that focused, determined look in your eye to win that comes from the depths of your heart.

All these movies have a great message of teamwork, overcoming adversity and the odds to make a difference, sticking to what is right even if you are all alone, that it is never to late to put action to a dream that is in your heart, strong character, and a heart of determination (The Eye of the Tiger). That is why these movies made my “Top Five.”


Mel said...

Great post, great movies! Do you like any movies that aren't sports related?! :)

Jo said...

Great job!!! One of my favorite sports movies is "The Rookie". It helps me see that we should never just settle.

Lemon Princess said...

Awesome job big MAC! I have to agree with Mel...sports, sports, sports...HA! Only the mind of a male would ever truly understand! But I too love all the movies you mentioned! GREAT POST! I'd love to see you blog more often! I can see it now...the MAC Daddy blog :-)!

Anonymous said...

Well on my blog that is my audience, basketball coaches. Plus my passion and heart beats a round orange sphere with a cross in the middle of it. I have a few not sports movies on my blog like "Freedom Writers" and "Mr. Hollands Opus" just to name a few - they have the same story as the sports ones. "Eye of the Tiger" - I know I am all eat up! That Coach MAC!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I can't spell good either!

Michael Goldsmith said...

There ain't nuttin' wrong with sports! :)