Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Had Enough?

It's no secret that people fight a lot over two things: religion and politics. While I'm not one to banter endlessly about politics, the latest "slogan" I've seen thrown about the television, internet and other venues is just about ridiculous. The Democrats have rallied around a common theme..."Had Enough?" What in the world is that supposed to mean? How about, here's what's gone wrong, and here's how we're going to fix it. Let's face it - anyone can exclaim they've had enough. It takes real leadership to identify the problem, have honest conversations and find solutions. Shouldn't they follow the mantra "Solutions are for winners - excuses are for losers?" "Had enough" certainly fits the latter.

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm quickly losing faith in the current leadership of our country. There have been some bad decisions (or sometimes lack of decisions) in the past few years, and there's nothing I dislike more than a "fence rider" who can't seem to find a true leadership direction. But I also understand that we are human and will never be perfect in our decisions. Every President of our great country has made a decision they have looked back on with some regret. Wouldn't you say the same is true of your own life? It's also important to remember that every decision does have consequences - good or bad.

As a young college student, I used to claim the "party line" when voting, but I have come to the distinct conclusion that while many people argue about politics and religion, they are not all that different. Let me explain. Religious people = Religion. The Pharisees claimed to have the ONLY true way to worship God. They created a false world full of rules and strict guidelines. If you didn't follow their way, then it couldn't be the "right way." Politicians = Politics. Policiticians claim to have the ONLY answers to political strife. They created a false world full of rules and guidelines to fit their agenda. Do you see the irony?

Let me suggest something quite daring - what if we viewed the world the way Jesus asked us? Instead of religion and politics, what if we looked at the person? Instead of "which crowd do I fit in with (which "rules" do I want to follow)," what if it became "who's the person with strong morals and an ethical compass (lives the truth)?" What a radical way to approach a candidacy! Would the world accept someone like that? They certainly didn't accept Jesus, but that didn't stop him from moving forward.

None of us are perfect, but I'm afraid we've put on our blinders and have narrowed our view of the world, the people around us, and even ourselves. Am I ready for "a change?" Most definitely. But not by blindly misleading others to abandon seeking truth for themselves. "Had Enough?" is a cover up, and quite frankly, it's one of the oldest tricks in the books.

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