Monday, October 16, 2006

I've Got Some Change In My Pocket...

Another phenomenal weekend at Meadow Heights Church. We're in a series called "NEXT," and can I say a huge thanks to our lead pastor Bryan for having enough fortitude to say the things he is saying? (Props also to Bryan for "boss's day" - God, you can have some props too...:) NEXT is one of those series that our church family will look back in a few months with amazement at how God transformed so many lives.

We showed our "year in review" baptism video as well (always one of my favorites) with the Leeland song "Tears of the Saints" that I mentioned in a previous post. Forty-four changed lives last year...what an unbelievable movement of God! Bryan also shared our multi-site vision for the first time on a weekend. Everyone was so supportive and I sensed great anticipation for what the future holds.

I read a quote this week that made a lot of sense to me: people aren't afraid of change...they're afraid of being changed. Fear is simply a deception that Satan uses to keep us from experiencing what God has planned. Somehow Jesus turns all of that fear into an incredible passion. We've experienced so much change over the past five years as a church, and none of it without incredible prayer and listening to what God had to say. As a result, we continue to see life after life impacted by the love of Jesus.

This weekend: connectNEXT - building connections to our Life Groups. I'll leave you with the question that has quickly become our "theme" for this series:

What's NEXT? And will I do it?

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