Monday, October 02, 2006

Kingdom Revolution

I have been sensing God at work lately, especially at Meadow Heights, but NewSpring Church had a phenomenal weekend - they baptized 402 people!! Perry Noble is definitely a "no-bones-about-it" type of guy, but very creative, speaks his mind, and of course, God-driven.

I love how Perry describes what God is doing at NewSpring because I think it applies to Meadow Heights as well:
I told our church this tonight…and I will say it here…I believe this is only the beginning! If you study the Great Awakenings in church history–they started in unknown places among unknown people…they started at a place where only God could get the glory for what was going on…and that is exactly what is happening here.
We are poised for a Kingdom Revolution the likes of which we haven't seen in our lifetimes. The story is unfolding, the dreams are materializing, and Acts 2 IS BECOMING REALITY!

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