Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Promise

I'm back in town from three wonderful days at the "I Promise" marriage conference. Our full-time ministry staff and our wives traveled to Branson with many laughs, tired backsides, and sessions filled with incredible insights and stories. It was a great reminder to me about the importance of my marriage (and ALL marriages) and some great thoughts on how to focus on building into my wife and my marriage.

There were some great speakers including Dr. Gary Smalley, Dr. Gary Chapman, Ed and Lisa Young, and John and Nancy Ortberg. With 9 sessions in two and a half days and no computer access, I won't even try to recap all the sessions. Some big takeaways?
  • No one can control how you react to any given situation or circumstance except yourself.
  • Just because you haven't taken a "big exit" in your marriage doesn't mean you can overlook the "little exits."
  • It's hard to worship when you are constantly "scrutinizing" the programming and execution of the music (or lack thereof)
  • I love food and I'm full of it (the food that is)
  • Ed and Lisa were very dynamic; John and Nancy...well...they're not
  • Gary Smalley is funny...very funny and has some great stories
  • "Hiding God's Word In My Heart" has taken on a totally new meaning for me
  • Our hotel was stunning - Chateau on the Lake is a great place to stay (and they have phenomenal soap!)
  • Mac is still funny with five women in a van
  • Out of the five couples, Melissa and I have been married the longest (man...that is scary!)
I could go on, but it's getting late and there is much to do to get ready for the weekend. The conference was great, and three days with my wife is a huge blessing for us since we don't get that opportunity very often. Now let's see if we can put what we have learned into practice!

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