Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sling and a Prayer

Well, I spent last night in the emergency room with my son. He had taken a nasty fall directly on his elbow, and from all appearances, it looked to be broken. We promptly drove to the emergency room for some x-rays, and after two and a half hours, headed home with a simple sling. The results? No break! He had broken the same arm (the wrist, actually) two years before, and experienced similar pain, but after all was said and done, he's in the clear.

At one point in my life I had thought about becoming a doctor. Each time I visit the emergency room the little urge from somewhere deep within me screams out. Why is it when you should experience some of the best care ever, your grand expectations are met with a whimper? Our nurse was very kind, but the doctor had less than average english skills, no "bed-side manners," and didn't return to read a simple x-ray for over an hour and a half! WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE in a hospital?

Maybe it's just our hospital. I had a similar experience in a nearby hospital as well. I've always had the mindset that first impressions and customer service were critical. At Meadow Heights Church, this is one of our core values - doing everything with a high level of excellence. We get comment cards all the time that talk about how friendly our folks are, and the level of excellence with which we approach things. The old addage "God deserves our very best" should not be taken lightly. Mark Batterson calls this "an eye for excellence." Small things really do make a BIG difference.

So for now, I'll squelch my long-lost dream of becoming a doctor and focus on how God continues to do the healing. And my advice? Stay out of the emergency room!

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