Sunday, November 05, 2006

Be Our Guest!

We had a great visit after our Saturday evening gathering with 20 folks from Trinity United Methodist Church in Piedmont, Missouri. This growing church had some great questions for us about the lessons we have learned in the past and how they might gain some insight from our experiences.

First of all, we realize that we certainly don't have all the answers, just the ones that have worked for us. We were also very humbled by the fact that other churches would ask us for advice. Secondly, we are excited by the opportunity that God is giving us to impact other local churches. We have been helped by so many other churches on our own journey and we want to pass along as much information and help as we possibly can.

It was awesome to be able to answer their questions, but I was stuck by the fact that we were answering questions we had already worked through and answered many months or even years ago. That made me wonder about when we travel to other churches or conferences and ask questions - do they have that same feeling as well?

Thanks again to Michael and his church for spending Saturday evening with us!

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