Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Little Tinkerbell

Do you remember trick-or-treating when you were young? I can remember my mom dropping me off in town and a friend and I would literally run block to block trying to shove as much candy into a sack as possible. We would usually be all sweaty and worn out by the time the evening was over, but man! Did we ever have candy!

Today's Halloween climate is a bit different. Neighborhoods are not quite as safe as they used to be, some folks give out "healthier" version of candy (or candy alternatives - geez...give me a break!), and the costumes are less "homemade" and more made-over.

With that being said, I still enjoy taking my little one trick-or-treating and this year was no exception. My "Tinkerbell" was a trooper (battling an ear-ache) and enjoyed gathering candy throughout the evening. Now sure would be a good time to teach tithing!

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