Monday, November 27, 2006

Pay It Forward I never thought I would post anything about Oprah. Especially not TWICE. My wife was watching Oprah today (I swear it was her!) and they had a recap show about the "Pay It Forward" moments they have had since giving each member in the audience $1000 to spend on someone else. Talk about incredible stories!!

It was amazing to me that lives were impacted in such an incredible way - not because people took the initiative themselves, but because Oprah initiated it for them. Would those same people have made the effort on their own? Probably not. It doesn't mean their hearts were any less compassionate, but it does mean that sometimes we need an "external" motivator. The fact that Oprah gave everyone the $1000 certainly helped as well, but random acts of kindness don't have to revolve around money exclusively.

I'm sure there will be updates on this show - it was truly phenomenal. Lives can and will be changed if we will only seize the opportunities. Don't wait for someone else to be the catalyst.

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