Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Have you been "flogged" lately?

Blogging or Flogging? That's the question posed by Jon Ferguson in his new blog. Here's the summation:

1) You know you're "flogging" when your blog becomes a backhanded way to confront somebody or deal with something in public that should have been handled in private.

2) You know you're "flogging" when you communicate stuff through your blog that the people you work with should hear from you firsthand before the rest of the world.

3) You know you're "flogging" when your writing more than 50% of your blog posts after midnight.

4) You know you're "flogging" when your wife (spouse) reads your blog to find out what you're really thinking.

5) You know you're "flogging" and not "blogging" when most of your posts include numbered lists like this one.

Well, except for the first one, I think I'm guilty as charged!

1 comment:

Stephen said...

I beleive I've flogged before, I've learned it's not the best thing to do though. It cost me many friends... in certain truman music organizations. :)