Monday, July 23, 2007


I've noticed our Summer of Love Blog has not been receiving much traffic. If you haven't checked it out click here. We simplified the blog in an effort to get more participation. One paragraph with one question. Simple.

Maybe simplicity isn't always the answer. People need a reason to respond to a question. Our first blog, Larger Than Life, was a huge success simply because people were engaged with the subject. They wanted to know more about something that was new to them. Response was dictated by a need for more information.

Interestingly enough, our two latest blogs (Who's Kidding Who? and Summer of Love) have generated very few responses. People have an enormous amount of knowledge in the area of raising kids and of course, with love. It's quite possible that we already feel equipped in these areas and therefore are not as inclined to participate in discussions.

We seemed consumed (and I'm using that term on purpose!) with getting more information but when it's time for us to give back we hesitate. Are we afraid that others will not value what we have to say? The web is full of "lurkers" but not as many that will "engage." We have the potential but not the product. Our desire to get is larger than our desire to give.

What's holding us back? Only us.

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Jo said...

Hey I tried to post on the blog and it never posted. It said it was awaiting moderation and then it dissappeared. I will try posting again.