Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

  • Speaking at Meadow Heights this weekend was incredible!! I love our team and volunteers - they are top notch!

  • Handing out duct tape to 450 people can be a challenge!

  • The videos for this weekend made a huge difference - thanks to Jeremy, Jeremiah and Elaine for their contribution.

  • Having my wife pull me aside and pray for me before the first gathering on Saturday night left me speechless. I must be the luckiest husband alive!!

  • Seeing Steve Osborne today made my entire weekend - this guy is the real deal and we miss him!

  • We had tons of guests today! Summer tends to bring a lot of guests or just people who are checking things out.

  • I had a great time with some friends on a quick trip to St. Louis this afternoon. We went to check on a friend in the hospital. Along the way we took a detour to deliver clothes, nearly had an accident, made another detour for a different accident, stopped for "extra" gas, saw an incredible hospital garden area, laughed a lot, and had my first meal at "Red Robin!"

  • I still don't have our pool up and running. It's now officially a race - will the pool be up and running or will the summer end? My wife assures me that the pool WILL be up and running! :)

  • I'll be working on my day off tomorrow so that I can travel to Jeff City on Tuesday and Wednesday to chaperon my son and two other boys. They auditioned and were selected for the MO Youth Honors Choir. I'm proud of you Seth!

  • I saw an iPhone live and in action today. I have been downplaying the phone and telling myself that I wouldn't want one. I want one! Jealousy is clinging to my soul! Good thing we'll be talking about that next weekend!

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