Saturday, July 14, 2007

Show and Tell

It's approaching noon on Saturday and I just finished up the message for this weekend. I normally get pumped up for the weekend, but for some reason I am really stoked about this message. It's foundational to what God has commanded us to do - "to love Him and love others."

St. Francis of Assisi shared some wise words:

"Preach the Gospel...and if necessary, use words."

Would people know you are a follower of Jesus simply by what you do? Notice the word "do." Too many times we fall into the trap of "telling" people what it means to follow Jesus. God says to "go and tell" but not only that, I think he's commanding us to "show and tell!" Brings us all the way back to kindergarten doesn't it!!

It's time to stop, reach out and help! Kindness is love in action!

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Jo said...

God was at work this weekend. Thank you for being his vessel.