Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Makes A GREAT Logo?

Meadow Heights Church is getting ready for a re-branding including taking a creative look at our current logo. Church Relevance has posted their thoughts on what makes a "great logo." They have also included examples of their Top 20 here.

What factors should we consider when developing a new logo? Who are some innovative designers out there?

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Stephen Emlund said...

I read somewhere that logos should be timeless, not relying on a certain fad. Drop shadows probably aren't a good idea either, since they won't reproduce nicely in every size and format (print, web, billboard)

I like the designers: Andy Rutledge (andyrutledge.com) and Mark Boulton (www.markboulton.co.uk) ... older guys are: Neville Brody, David Carson, Milton Glaser, and Saul Bass.