Sunday, July 29, 2007

See You At the Pool 2007

WOW!! What a great weekend! First, our lead pastor Bryan was back to bring it all weekend - it was good to have him "back in the saddle" again. Then, to top it all off, Meadow Heights had their annual "See You At the Pool" event at our local park.

This yearly event keeps on getting better and better every year! We have some amazing volunteers and leaders who help make this a phenomenal event. From the BBQ to the kids stuff (this year a GINORMOUS water slide!) to the baptisms, SYATP is always a highlight to the year.

All total this weekend we baptized 13 folks, including one lady who decided to follow Jesus this morning and then another young boy who was impacted by his brother's baptism earlier today! INCREDIBLE!! That brought us to a total of around 55 baptisms this year.

While it's not about the numbers, it is a good benchmark to see how God is impacting lives, communities, and of course, our church. We're hoping to blow that mark out of the water next year!!

It was great to hang out with a lot of good friends, eat a lot of good food and see how God is blessing our community. There's so much more in store and I'm pumped to see where we are headed next! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I'm sure my buddy Jo will have some pics of this event on his blog - check it out!


Stephen Emlund said...

It looks like from his blog that you have cut your hair, or his photos are old. Did you decide not to bring back the mullet? :) Just think: grow a mullet, perm it, pick the soprano sax and you've got kenny g.

Jo said...

They were old pics. Check out some of the new pics I will be posting. Thanks Goldie for motivating me to post some syatp pics.