Friday, July 27, 2007

Drive On In!

Melissa and I traveled with friends to the movies last night. And you're probably asking yourself, "What's so important about that?" I'm glad you asked! We actually went to a drive-in movie theater! I haven't been to a drive-in since I was a teen (or perhaps before then? my memory is fading!) but it was a very cool experience!

We saw "Transformers" and I must say that if you're looking for an action movie, this is probably one of the best this summer. I am anxious to see the new Bourne movie however.

Here's 5 Reasons to visit a drive-in for your next movie:

(1) Sitting outdoors under the sky and the stars while the moon shines just enough to see the twinkle in your spouse's eyes.

(2) Watching families hang together - playing Frisbee, talking with one another, tail-gating...

(3) The nachos!

(4) You can pass gas and nobody will hear or even notice!

(5) Kicking back, relaxing and hangin' in your favorite lawn chair!


Jo said...

Sounds like a great time. I so want to see the new Bourne movie. Let me know if you need someone to go with. Oh yeah, remind me not to sit behind you at the drive in, I might smell I mean notice something.

Stephen Emlund said...

I'm sure that number 1 and 4 go together real well.

Mel said...

After 20 years of marriage you become accustomed to just about anything! You can only imagine what I've put up with over the years. Good thing I still like him!!!

Michael Goldsmith said...

Like none of you have ever done that before!