Friday, July 20, 2007

Laughter: the Best Medicine?

Anyone that knows me will agree that I'm a practical joker. I especially like those "one-liners" - you know, the kind that make people groan out loud, but really they think it's incredibly funny...they just don't want to show it - it might encourage you.

Our church staff crack each other up on a weekly basis. Actually, it's more like daily. While we work as hard and as serious as anybody else, we also like to let our hair down and party awhile. Laughter can often be the best medicine. Check out this post on laughter and the church.

It reminded me of Disney's film "Monsters, Inc." Whether they knew it or not, the Disney folks are really imitating God. The monsters tried to get energy from scaring people - bottling up their fear. But in the end (spoiler alert!) they found that laughter blew the roof of the energy meter! Laughter made their world go round!

Churches have found themselves in those two camps as well. Camp One - the church that is made up of the "glass half empty" folks. They try to control everything and fear is their greatest weapon. If you're having a good time at church, then there must be sin in your heart (or as the popular song says, "if there's hair on your ears, there's sin in your heart...or something like that).

The other camp? The church that worships God for who He is - a loving and FUN God. God has a sense of humor!! Don't believe me? Observe people. They're hilarious (names withheld to protect the, guilty?)! Why can't we serve and worship God and enjoy it at the same time? I think that's the essence of how God has created us!

Which camp do you find yourself in? How do you worship God? In fear? Or with the sounds of laughter in your heart?

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