Thursday, July 19, 2007

Opening Pandora's Box

I've mentioned several online radio type sites in the past, but there's a new site out called "Pandora Radio" that has a very slick interface and intuitive features. Click here to try it out.

You can set up different "stations" based upon the type of music and/or artist you like to listen to and Pandora will find similar artist that you might like. You can then select whether you like the tune or not and it will adjust your "station" accordingly. A very cool and effective way to listen to music online.

Free registration will allow you to listen as long as you would like . Check it out and let me know your favorite stations.

[site from this guy via this guy]

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Stephen Emlund said...

New? I have used Pandora for 3 years now. A few computer science majors told me about it. They recently did a redesign. I like the Third Day channel, you get some classic rock on there too.