Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whatever It Takes!

It was a busy day again today (surprise anyone?). Jeremy, Jeremiah and I shot a video for this weekend's message - @ 6:30 this morning!! YIKES! You know what I love about those guys? The fact that they will do whatever it takes to make an impact in our community. Even if that means getting up at the crack of dawn to shoot a video!! I love those guys!

Mac said it last week - don't miss this weekend at Meadow Heights Church - it just might be one of the most important messages in this series! I've been praying all week that God will show up and that people will "get it." Not just agree with God's truth but truly be impacted in their hearts and souls by what He has to say. It's that important.

We'll also be launching the "Summer of Love Blog" this weekend. It will be a great way to share your thoughts on this weekend's message and what God is saying to you during this series. I'll post the link as soon as we go live.

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Jo said...

I bet the video will be awesome. I hope I can be part of video team in the future. Thanks for all that you do for M.H.