Thursday, June 07, 2007

Activity vs. Outcomes

Terry points us to this article. If you lead any organization do not miss this blog entry. It's another great way to talk about busyness versus productivity, but in terms of activity versus outcomes. A few key thoughts:
  • In a world of infinite choices, choosing which activities will occupy your day is likely to be your single greatest driver of effectiveness.
  • Successful leaders–and, therefore, successful founders–invest the time to clearly identify, prioritize, and communicate key goals. They then measure their success by real progress against those desired outcomes.
  • Because many of us are so accomplishment driven, we tend to look at both activities and outcomes as accomplishments.
  • Once founders begin to assess their team against key measures, they are often surprised to see how quickly they can create a results-driven culture. In that kind of enlightened organization, it’s about ownership, trust, accountability — and not about hours worked.

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Terry Storch said...

Thanks for the link, and the link in your blogroll.

I loved the article! Glad you enjoyed it as well.