Monday, June 11, 2007


WWDC 07 kicked off today. You can read a great recap of Steve Jobs' keynote here. Or Terry points us to a recap here.

Not any HUGE announcements this year, but there were some interesting thoughts:
  • Some big games will be released for Mac - are they trying to capture a share of this market?
  • Leopard looks stinkin' awesome!! Some additional interface designs that look phenomenal including a better search function.
  • Time Machine - one click backup - simple, easy and very effective.
  • Some other odds and ends: iPhone details, Leopard price points, etc.
Overall a solid keynote but nothing earth shattering. The future however, looks incredible. Or to borrow a phrase, "the future's so bright I gotta wear shades!"

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Stephen Emlund said...

I read a story on CNN that Mac's web browser, Safari, will be released to PC users. This is kind of agrivating, unless they have made significant updates to Safari because it is the "ugly duckling" and doesn't render websites like Firefox and Internet Explorer do. Internet Explorer for Mac is even worse though. They stopped making updates for it a while back. They also announced that Safari would be the browser of choice for the new iPhone.

Have you switched to a Mac yet? I want to but I find that I spend twice as much time on projects because of a lack of right click or the keyboard shortcuts that are different. Although an Apple key on the keyboard is great advertising. Why can't our PC's have a "Microsoft" key?