Saturday, June 09, 2007

Is There A Barista In Me?

Anyone that knows me understands that I'm a coffee addict. I LOVE COFFEE!! I love to grind my own beans, brew it up every morning and sit back and savor the flavor. I love finding new ideas and thoughts about brewing coffee, which is why this is cool:

Tony points us to this site.

I've never considered roasting my own beans, but it sure looks awesome!! If I can keep from electrocuting myself, I might even give this one a shot. Bring on the beans!

By the way, two questions for the coffee lovers out there:

(1) What is your favorite type/style of coffee?
(2) Where is your favorite place to order coffee/beans?

1 comment:

John said...

I will be anxiously awaiting the results of your roasting......with my coffee cup in my hand!!!

John (Fr. Roast is my favorite)