Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day Five - Animals 'R Us

I hope I can remember the details from this far memory is fading...


We were up early today as we moved into a condo for the weekend. Our friends had a timeshare place until today, so I found a great three bedroom/two bath condo online for an UNBELIEVABLE price!! (Feel free to email me for details) We spent the morning moving in and then we headed over to Animal Kingdom for the day.

Animal Kingdom is my son Seth's favorite park. He is seriously considering a career in the animal field (possibly a zoologist?) so he was pumped about this park. This is Disney's fourth major park and is not as large as the others. There are lots of things to do however.

The best ride in the park is Everest. If you like coasters, this ride will thrill you. It has a great theme and you ride forwards and backwards at times during the ride. A definite "must ride."

We also checked out the new Nemo Musical Stage Show. I wasn't sure what to think at first (not to mention we had to be there 45 minutes early just to get a seat) - the cast members were holding a larger "puppet" sized version of the character they represented. It's hard to explain, but it struck me quite odd at first. However, that soon went away and the show was really quite good. No pics were allowed of any kind so I don't have a peek to give you.

While the "big kids" rode Dinosaur, Emilee and I headed to her favorite "little" dinosaur ride and then to the Boneyard where she climbed different towers and then slid down the numerous slides. Disney is phenomenal about designing kid friendly areas and Emilee loved it.

By late afternoon, tropical storm "Barry" rolled in and we experienced the first (and only it turned out) rain of the trip. It was a steady sheet of rain for about 12 hours, so we headed back to the condo and turned in early.

Tomorrow we'll head back to Epcot for more!

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