Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm A "Pro"crastinator!

Greg points us to this site. Man can I relate! Take time to read the definition of "structured procrastination" - you just might find a bit of yourself in there (and a good laugh as well!).

We'll be wrapping up the "Who's Kidding Who" series this weekend. It's been a great series - we've had tons of comments on how God is working on moms, dads and kids alike and it's been amazing to see transformation and changed lives.

I'm pumped about this weekend as Bryan takes a new and different look at the "prodigal son" story. The band will be kickin' it with the Daughtry tune "Home" - it could very well be a defining moment that will rock our church family. All I can say is this - don't miss this weekend!!

Don't forget to check out the Who's Kidding Who Blog and leave a comment. Let us know how this series has impacted you or your family and some practical ideas that may help others. We'll leave the blog up a few extra weeks for anyone that wants to join in the discussion.

See you this weekend!

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Jo said...

Wow....Home at MH I will be singing...