Monday, June 25, 2007

Steak or Buffet?

Steven kicks it up with this post. I've never eaten at a Ruth's Chris, but I hear it is incredible. We used to have a great little steak place in Columbia, MO when I lived there. You picked your own steak out of the cooler, took it to a big grill and cooked it just the way you liked it - complete with some garlic Texas toast! I've heard of a few other places like that one.

For those of you in Fredericktown, I'm not sure how we can relate. Maybe Olympic Steakhouse to...hmmm...the Pig? Or possibly Tunes Steakhouse to A&M?

I'm so glad we've already addressed this obstacle at Meadow Heights Church. We focus on only five things: weekend experiences, All Stars Children's Ministry, 24-7 Student Ministry, Life Groups and mission opportunities. We don't always get it right, and some of these areas are still under development, but what you see is what you get.

What you won't see: Sunday night church, Wednesday night church, men's ministry, women's minstry, singles minstry...the list could go on and on. Not that any of those things is bad, it's just that we only focus on the five and try to do them with excellence.

Let's continue to focus on the "steak" and leave the buffet to everyone else!

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Jo said...

Nice post. I love the focus at M.H.