Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 6 - School's In Session

Animal Kingdom is the closest park to our condo, so that's where we went with Kayla to get our daily tickets. While we were there we decided to hit the Safari ride:

Then we took a train out to Discovery Island. None of us had ever been to this island before, but it was a fantastic experience. It was a place to learn about animals, what they feed them, see the animal hospital and they even had a petting zoo. It was similar to a zoo experience, but of course, with the Disney touch!

After a morning at Animal Kingdom, we hopped a bus over to Epcot for the rest of the day. Thankfully the tropical storm blew on through, and by afternoon the skies were blue and the temp was a perfect 80 degrees!!

We headed over to World Showcase again and began another tour of each country. You really can't see and do everything at Epcot in just one day. This time we grabbed a bite to eat and for dessert we headed over to Norway for their famous "school bread." This was actually our second school bread of the trip, but who's counting!

It tastes even better than it looks - the inside is filled completely with a light and tasty custard. Not the heavy and crazy sweet stuff you find in most donuts, but a very light and incredibly tasty filling. I absolutely love these things!

We continued touring the different shops and also stopped off to see more shows including this one:

The Taiko drummers are a staple in the World Showcase. Melissa also bumped into (literally!!) Peter Noone. He was heading over to get ready for his show that evening and Melissa clipped him with the stroller! Whoops!

We ended the evening at Planet Hollywood. It's a short walk from Kayla's work, so she met us there for a late dinner. The food was average (most Planet Hollywood's that I've eaten at are this way) and the service was not so hot, but it was great to hang with Kayla and have some good conversation.

Only one more day left at Disney - we'll celebrate this by heading over to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow!!

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