Saturday, June 30, 2007

Worship Concert 2007

As usual (but not for long!), it has been a VERY busy last few days. Much to report and a lot on my brain, but I'll keep this short for today since I still have a video to produce and burn out in the next 5 hours. YIKES!

We're having our annual "Worship Concert" this weekend:

It's a fun time, but TONS of work. Props out to our great team who makes all of this happen. I know every church brags about their music, so I won't stop the trend now. Our music team is UNBELIEVABLE!! We currently have close to 40 vocalists and musicians that rotate during the month. I'll get more into that in a different post.

Needless to say, this group of folks have it going on! They are talented, dedicated and willing to do "whatever it takes" for God. I love that attitude! As a matter of fact, to be on the team you MUST have that as part of your DNA. We work our butts off to make sure that God is the focus, not us. We don't always get it right, but I can tell you that the team is pumped about sharing the TOP 10 Worship songs of 2007. Meadow Heights Church voted on their favorites and this weekend we're counting them down. Don't miss it!!

I'll post the Top 10 lists after the weekend is over for anyone interested!

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Jo said...

The concert was awesome. Thank you and the rest of the music team for using the gifts God has given all of you to bring him glory. It was so good that even I sang. Except for the one song I was to busy concentrating on not crying. God is definately smiling tonight.