Wednesday, June 06, 2007

There's Magic In the Air!

Day seven warmed up a little more - the upper 80's but still sun, sun, sun! We headed over to the Magic Kingdom (most of our family's favorite park) for the day. It was a day to catch up on a few rides as well as hit Emilee's favorites again.

Emilee really enjoyed this ride:

Which is surprising since it has a HUGE drop near the middle/end of the ride. But, she loved it! She also enjoyed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which is no easy roller coaster for a four year old!

Her favorite "little" ride? Peter Pan.

You may not know this, but Peter Pan is THE most popular ride in terms of the fast pass system. By mid-afternoon all fast passes were gone for this ride - several hours before other major attractions had sold out their passes. Peter Pan lasts a mere two minutes, but kids love it.

The big event for this day? Our stroller was stolen - or should I say "jacked." In four visits to Disney World, we have never, ever had an issue with our stroller. Melissa, Emilee and I rode a couple of rides and came back to the stroller parking area to find Emilee's Tinkerbell backpack attached to a different stroller. Ours was a new Winnie the Pooh umbrella stroller, but we suddenly found ourselves with a broken down many years old Pooh stroller! YUCK! Long story short, in true Disney fashion, they hooked us up with a rental stroller for the day, six fast passes and a free box of popcorn for Emilee! Stroller owners beware - don't get your stroller jacked at the Magic Kingdom!

We closed the day by watching the fireworks - my personal favorite part of the day. The fireworks are themed with various music soundtracks and include a real life flying Tinkerbell. It was the perfect close to a wonderful day (minus the stroller incident of course!).

We're checking out of our condo tomorrow and heading southeast for a few hours to visit my aunt Susan. She lives in the Palm Beach area, but she is meeting us part way at Vero Beach. It will be great to see her!!

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